Franklin Bass Anglers


Tournament rules-2013




a.               In order to fish a tournament all dues must be paid in full.


b.               All participants must abide by all By Laws and Tournament Rules.


Rule 2: SAFETY


a.               Safe boating conduct will be observed at all times by all competitors.


b.               Each competitor is required to wear a Coast Guard approved life preserver

Any, and all times, that the combustion motor is being operated. Violators will

be disqualified from the day's event.


c.                Throwing of paper, cans, or rubbish of any kind into the water is grounds for



d.               Boat courtesy, safety, and conservation should be observed at all times.


e.               Consumption of alcoholic beverages during tournament hours is Strictly



f.                A Kill Switch Lanyard must be attached to the boat operator during combustion motor operation.




a.               No live bait. Artificial lures only, exception: pork baits.


b.               Standard fishing equipment is to be used.


c.                No rods over eight (8) feet long.


d.               No cane poles.


e.               No trolling.


f.                Only one (1) fishing rod is allowed in use at a time by any competitor.


g.               All bass must be caught in a sporting manner.









a.               The following types of black bass are allowed: Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Spotted (Kentucky).


b.               Fish must be twelve (12) inches in length, minimum, or larger if the state fishing regulations requires it. All fish caught at Barkley Lake must be 15 in length.


c.                The number of fish allowed at the weigh in, per day, by each competitor will be FIVE (5), for ALL TOURNAMENTS unless changed by club vote prior to the start of the event.




a.               The Tournament Committee will decide on all tournament sites to be fished,

the days of the event, and the hours of competition. The sites will be final

unless, on the day of the event, that site is determined to be unsafe for

fishing. In this case, the Tournament Committee has the right to choose an

alternate site and/or change the times of the tournament.




a.               There will be a pre-tournament meeting fifteen (15) minutes before each FLIGHTED tournament and thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of OPEN LAUNCH tournaments. During this meeting, safety and times, and other important information will be discussed. At the meeting for all Open Launch Tournaments a note must be given to the Weigh Master, stating the boaters intended launch site if it is different than the weigh in site.

b.               Each boat, in the order of the flight out draw, must wait fifteen (15) seconds before

leaving in order to give the boat in front of them time to get on plane.




a.               Scoring will be on an ounce for ounce basis for each live fish weighed in. Any

dead fish weighed in will have a four (4) ounce deduction (.25 on the digital scale) taken from their total weight for the day.


b.               Competitors who are late for weigh-in will be penalized two (2) ounces per

minute for each minute late, up to ten (10) minutes. Competitors who are

more than ten (10) minutes late will be disqualified from that day's event.


c.                Any competitor bringing an undersized fish to the Weigh Master to be weighed will be penalized one (1) pound from their legal catch for each fish. Any competitor bringing in more than a legal limit of fish will be disqualified from the day's event.


d.               Anyone caught altering a fish for the purpose of adding weight and/or length

will be dismissed from the club.




e.               In case of a tie, the team with the most fish will be declared the winner. In case of a further tie, a flip of a coin will declare the winner. The first team to weigh in declares the coin toss. (Calls Heads/Tails)


f. In case of a tie for the largest fish, the two competitors shall flip a coin with

          the winner getting the fish award. In the case of a three way tie, all three will

          flip a coin with the odd competitor getting the big fish award.




a.               All weight tournaments will be for club members only.


b.               A total of 7 (4 One-Day & 3 Multi-Day) tournaments will be held each year, unless additional ones are approved by the membership. At least 2 One-Day tournaments must be within 100 miles of Franklin, Ohio and the other two (2) one-day tournaments can be in excess of 100 miles.

In addition, there can be three (3) multi-day tournaments in excess of 100 miles.

One of the 3 multi-day tournaments will be held in June on the 2nd weekend after the first Wednesday meeting. Location to be determined by the tournament committee.

Tournament sites and dates will be presented by the tournament committee

and approved by a majority vote at a regularly scheduled meeting.


c.                Drawing of partners will be done during the club meeting prior to the upcoming tournament.


d.               Anytime there is an odd non-boatman at a tournament all boatmen will

put their names in for a draw by the non-boatman. That boatman will fish

three out of his boat for that day. No boatman will have to fish three out of

his boat for more than one day at a multiple day tournament.


e.               If a member has no partner, in any tournament, a ghost partner will be drawn:


1.         Boaters will draw a partner from the non-boaters or vice-versa. These two people will be partners for the tournament. Ghost partners will be drawn at the weigh-in each day. If it is a multi-day tournament a new ghost partner will be drawn each day at the weigh-in.


2. The weight for both members will be added together to determine the total

weight for that day.


f.                Members will not fish within fifty (50) yards of a port of entry on the lake or

river, or fifty (50) yards from another member's boat, unless giver permission by the member that was there first. Any other off limit areas will be determined by the

Weigh Master and discussed at pre-tournament meeting.







g.               Each two-man team will fish as a team, with their combined weight being used

to determined their finishing place in the tournament. Payouts will be split

equally between the team members.


h.               No two men will fish together more than once a year.


i.                 Big fish prize will be paid out to the individual catching the fish.


j.                Individual weights will be kept to determine the Mr. Bass award at the end of the year.


k.               If any member wins Mr. Bass three (3) years in a row, a replacement plaque will be made and awarded to that person. The original plaque will remain with the Franklin Bass Anglers.








Revised 2/2013